The Created World

Half the world’s population, at any instant, sees the other half as embracing quite erroneous ideas, and commonly expresses bafflement about how ostensibly intelligent people can be so mentally mistaken.  The position of individual players/minds in this game is continually shifting, second by second, with pros becoming cons, and opponents from a minute ago now being momentary allies. 


Fluidity is the name of the game,
and lack of conclusiveness, 
its method of keeping score.


A man satisfied with his thoughts’ judgement of other people being “phony,” does nothing but
nourish his own inauthentic mental life.


Only man’s purely instinctive, animalistic, physical existence can validly be termed “real.”
This is no longer adequate for a life of a true human being, nor is such acceptable to the majority.


A constantly increasing percentage of men’s lives are spent in activities that are not immediately essential to survival, but are manifestations of thought.  Games, hobbies and entertaining pastimes do not appear in the natural world like water and soil do, and must be created by men’s minds.



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