The Big Mind

At the solely significant, cellular level, everyone KNOWS what is going on, but man’s collective neurons, (which constitute the Big Mind…which force-furnishes each individual with the thoughts that mechanically pass through his mind), are obviously not prepared to allow this awareness to be spoken aloud by ordinary men’s tongues, nor be heard by his mental ears.


When an everyday person hears of the notion, “Man mentally lives in a kind of dream world, and is not as conscious as he could be, but through certain efforts he can awaken to a more enlightened state of mind,”  he will pretend to either dismiss the idea, or else will feign no interest.


Many among the would-be awakened have always been perplexed by this, and say they cannot understand why something so obvious to them, cannot be seen by everyone else. 


I say that everyone DOES realize the mental situation man is in, and are just COERCED by life to pretend that they do not.  One way this obligatory, life-of-pretension manifests itself in an everyday man, is the sensation he feels of being, “the center-of-the universe,” (which is to say), the center of the life he experiences.


This has nothing to do with vanity, and it is not an example of pathological self-delusion.  All ordinary, sane people on this planet are force-fed chemical combinations, (in their brains), which produce, in its operations of conscious thought, an irrepressible feeling that the universe-of-reality as perceived of by that mind, revolves around the thoughts of that mind.  It is only by this arrangement in each man’s thinking that the imaginary world of thinking is sustained.


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