Truth or Consequences

In New Mexico is a town named “Truth or Consequences.”  Since I get the sense that you do not want to go there, allow me to remind you that in ordinary human life, there is no such place as the, “Truth,” and even if there is, not going there has no consequences.  So, let’s just sit here by the side of the highway, and delve into that most delectable of subjects that brought us together on this stretch of road.


Everyone has a favorite toy from childhood from which they continue to derive pleasure.

Everyone is under the impression that the plaything has matured, (via aging), along with them.

Everyone is mistaken.


Life does not encourage ordinary people to see their lives for what they are, but rather prods them to overlook their real one, and talk among themselves about pretend ones.



This is the nature of routine human life, and it works just as well as it does.  To complain about the arrangement, and criticize the way other people live their lives, is to double the intensity of 
the pretension in which you live. 


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