More Stories from the Universe

In one canyon, if you hold a mirror up in front of you, and look back over your shoulder, everything that you don’t see is precisely what you’re searching for.



In one country, there are two political parties:  Those Who Stand Up, and, Those Who Lie Down.  (And only the latter believe that their position needs be discussed and explained.)



There was once an agent who represented a ventriloquist and his dummy.  The ventriloquist never said much, but the dummy almost drove him crazy—always talkin’ show biz, and wantin’ to know when they’d get work.  He wished he could dump the dummy, but what’s a ventriloquist act without a dummy?!

One solar system was invaded by pirates, who stole the voices of anyone who wasn’t staring at the furniture.


There is a difference between a “hobby” and, “levitating.”   One is impossible, and the other, meaningless, (and of course what I meant to say is that there is a common denominator between them.)


Over by the coast are Siamese twins T. & S., who you can hire to give you directions; but be forewarned:  when T. points in some direction and tells you that “over there” is where you want to go, it means you are already there at that exact instant.  (Oh yeah, S. never says anything—that’s how you recognize him.  And one more thing:  don’t bother asking, you can’t hire just him.) 


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