Stories from the Universe Behind this One

On a certain island is a large Off/On switch,
that legend says was once of some significance. 
The current inhabitants mostly ignore it.


Achieving expertise in any activity involving the mind is always a gradual process.
There is one exception.


In one universe, schools for, “Getting A Leg Up,” all employ the same approach.  First, they tell a prospective student to stand on one leg; then they ask him, “How does that feel?”  If he replies “Great!” they then say to him, “Do you realize that during your normal day you never willfully stand on one leg?” 

If, after thinking about this for a moment, the applicant indicates he is so aware, they then tell him that that condition is called, “Being flatfooted.”  If the neophyte’s face then drops, they inform him that through certain methods they teach, that a person can learn to stand on one foot, and, “Get a leg up.” 

If this news returns him to cheerfulness, he is accepted as a student, and thus commences a schooling that, once so begun, never comes to end.

(The problem is not the result of anything the school teaches, but is due to the way the mind works.)



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