Surprise Your Neural Pants Off

As regards the ideas over which other men wrangle: neither a supporter, nor critic be. If you undertake this course of action, what you can quickly realize is that what the thoughts in your brain say they believe and don’t believe is of no interest to you personally.



This may sound squirrely, for how can you have a certain thought or belief about a matter that you don’t have an interest in?  If you didn’t have an interest in the subject, you wouldn’t have any opinion or belief about it!



Yeah, I know that sounds right—but without the “benefit” of your own thought’s running commentary, you can joyously surprise your own neural pants off, and unexpectedly find yourself mentally cut loose from a gigantic, invisible stick ball of meaningless mimicry and wearisome plagiarism.



Rather than thinking of the goal as, “I am trying to wake-up,” or, “I am seeking Enlightenment,” say to yourself instead:  “I long to be original-of-mind, but I live in a realm run by mimicry and plagiarism.”


This is what past, unoriginal men have called, “Man’s state of sleep,” but you can now see it for what it is.  This, to you, is my very best recommendation for the day.



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