Take No Seat At The Table

If you are thinking about the things that everyone else is thinking about—pro or con—you are asleep and your intellectual life is merely part of man’s collective dream.  That covers it—there is nowhere else to look, and nothing else to say about the matter.



 If you are thinking about things that the rest of humanity thinks about, you are not individually thinking.  There is nothing at all creative going on in your mind, and none of your ideas are original.


Ordinary life operates quite well under these conditions, but if your hunger is to get-to-the-bottom-of-things, leaving your mind totally in the hands of the mimicking, plagiarizing thoughts that magically appear there, will keep you forever traipsing along the tinfoil plated path without ever getting backstage and seeing the real Wiz who’s been paving the road.



Having an original thought is close to impossible, but what you can do immediately, that will take you nearer than humans are meant to be, is to not entertain the thoughts that are already out there.


When it comes to the ideas upon which mankind dines—
take no seat at the table. 



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