Original Thought—Not!

During normal operations and conversations, men go along with the pretense that they are capable of original thought.  After all, under normal conditions, what choice do they have?



Men do not ordinarily take note that no individual creative thinking is involved in them saying, for example, that they do not believe in Jack Frost, to someone who does.


There is no plate for originality when you dine at the table of collective cannibalism. What creative response is possible to that which itself is mere impersonation?


Neither agreeing nor dissenting with ideas that were not original with their source, is in any way a form of originality on the part of the one doing the agreeing or dissenting.  By engaging in such behavior;  you reinforce your glutinous seating at the common table of spurious, intellectual cannibalism. 


P.S. You can’t keep debating the color of Santa Claus’ eyes without it supporting a haunting suspicion that he may exist.



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