The Collective Delusion

As long as your investigation of the waking-up thing is based on the assumption that a crime has been committed – and that something is definitely WRONG – you will never wake up and see what is really going on.



Assume such, and your thinking will forever be captivated by this collective delusion, and all of your efforts will be automatically channeled into go-nowhere ruts.



There is one gigantic mortal mind, through which life carries on all of man’s thinking, and from which is each man parceled out a share, based on his genetics.   Yet all minds are invisibly tied together in a world-wide bundle.



There is a force-fed thought, in all humans, that says a crime has occurred on planet Earth, from which men continue to suffer.  Everyone attempts to explain it – but no one can.  All they know is that – something is WRONG.



A man is certain that something is wrong in the way other people think and behave, and that something is similarly wrong in him.  Ordinary men generally accept this situation as simply being how life is, and go on about whatever business they have.




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