An Ancient Sport

One man discovered fragmented references to an obscure, and apparently ancient sport, which so intrigued him that he undertook to recreate the sport for himself. 




From the piecemeal information in hand, he believed he had a reasonably clear picture of the goal, and a sufficient conception of the basic playing techniques, to at least get started. 




For many seasons, he toiled to perfect his playing of the sport, with an ever-increasing collateral desire to actually experience a scoring of the goal… 
But without success.



In one universe, there exists a certain elective exertion
whose singular reward IS the exertion. 



(A curious rumor persists which claims that few of those who take up this exertion ever realize the payoff—and this refers to both definitions of the word, “realize.”  They both never “understand” what the effort actually was, nor do they “obtain-the-profit” from same.) 




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