The People Downstairs

If you think that the mechanism in you that is responsible for thinking is, (as it says), running your life – you are what is known as, “Coasting downhill with a cracked fuel tank.”

As they stood amidst the ever shifting sights and sounds, a boy asked his father, “Just who is in charge of a circus?” 
“Certainly not the one who thinks he is,” the ole man answered; (a reply which for many years the lad did not recognize as being a full explanation of what it IS).

No matter where you live, the people downstairs either seem to have more fun, do more to have fun, or else are the source of all your problems.  It appears difficult to have any effect on the situation, since they were already living there when you moved in.  There is a funny thing though: everything you hear from “up here” is a distorted version of the original sounds from downstairs.

Everyone is a cannibal and a plagiarist.  The difference is that a man who has cleaned out his apartment doesn’t eat meat or take credit.

One Man’s motto is: 
“Live and learn from the second-by-second lessons – then lynch ‘em and forget ‘em!”

And someone writes:
“How can you say what you did recently, when to awaken requires a bad, a REALLY bad memory?!  Everything I have ever studied about this matter says that just the opposite is necessary? Explain what you meant.”  (I’m sorry sir, but I don’t eat meat while working.)


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