Rat Trap

Once everyone looked straight ahead. 
Then everyone began to look around. 
Most people are satisfied with how things are now…
a few aren’t. 



There were once creatures who lived in a slit. 
They evolved to living in a box. 
A few of them realized that they were still living
in a confined space…
but it didn’t seem to bother anyone who didn’t notice.



Only instinct can put you in tight spots…no, maybe that should read: 
Only things non-instinctive can get you into tight spots…. 
hmm, still doesn’t sound right…okay, let’s try this: 
Only a super smart person, struggling-to-see-straight  recognizes the implications of constructing a rat trap that looks like a cat. 



One man was qualified to teach algebra. 
He found himself in front of people who identified themselves as students of arithmetic. 
So he determined to confine his comments accordingly…but found himself unable to keep from telling them about algebra any way.



Anyone taller than you is “TALL,”
but no one dumber than you is dumber than you are.



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