Adam: A Myth Retold

In the beginning, Adam was alone, and in physical paradise. (His brain was not yet producing conscious thought.) 



Then one day an apparently supernatural voice called out: “Hey, you.” (Consciousness was starting to get cranked up, and one of its features began to speak.)



Several more times the unknown voice called out: “Hey, you.” Until eventually he responded: “Who – me?” (Now consciousness had a second feature that could hear the first one talk.)



As soon as Adam finally responded to the voice it immediately asked him a semi-accusatory question about himself. (The talking feature of consciousness was checking to see if the proper balance between it and the listening one had been established yet, and it required the question being presented several more times to Adam before he finally responded, proving that everything was now in place — 

— at which time Adam was unceremoniously tossed out of the quiet, peaceful, garden-of-physical-paradise, and into the cacophonous, busy world of consciousness. 




Moral: Only those who simply insist on a condo in Babel Towers answer questions about themselves.




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