The acquired personality of man is like ice floating in the water of essence.  As a man makes effort, his personality begins to melt.  The water does not increase; the ice-of-personality is simply absorbed back into its original liquid state.

The body and the emotions were not intended to fall under the current influence of the mind. The aim is to neither live solely in the mind, the body or the emotions, but to live in peace and safety.

A man may read and write religious tomes and discuss philosophical questions until ducks learn to tap dance, but such will never lead to escape.

There is a calm and safe center at the escape point, existing even in the eye of frantic and dangerous conditions.  The location of this point is known only to those who understand the union of attention and consciousness.

Mystical poverty is not in being empty-handed, but empty hearted: free of mechanical desires.

Why cannot men see that all is reflection?  They must use a mirror to even see their own face…and that, too, is but a reflection.


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