Religion Revisited

Realize your own susceptibility to suggestion and personality’s desire to find an imaginary source of strength and knowledge for it to worship.  Only one who has escaped the prison of sleep is capable of true worship, or of even understanding what is to be worshiped.



A man who may spend hours a day on his knees in a temple, or singing in the streets, cannot be known by such external deeds as to be engaged in worship.  People will do such things while drunk or drugged, or under great fear and stress, or simply because it was suggested to them by one whose personality captured their own.



The more you make effort and the less you value sleep, the more you begin to experience a real feeling of awe.  The wish to worship moves further from imagination, and closer to understanding.



Each man’s personality, if it were able, would turn every real system into a human cult.  Look at what they did with Buddha and Jesus.  This is ordinary, this is weakness, this is ignorance, and this is not real.


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