Ducks in a Row

By now a serious man or woman knows within themselves personality’s continuing inclination to be led and influenced by the external forces.  This is the nature of ordinary life, the way it must be and the way it is. 




The ordinary state of sleeping consciousness could just as well be called as the State of Suggestion.



Each person’s mental-personality is a brilliantly constructed reactionary apparatus to receive and digest suggestions. 

Public commentators express amazement at occurrences of large groups of people apparently following the directions of a madman.  This is not amazing, if anything, it is amazing it does not reach people’s attention more often. 



If ducks are following the normal suggestions that shape and govern the world of ordinary duckdom, then everything seems ship-shape and there is nothing to be noticed. 


As long as humans are moving along as the prevailing suggestions dictate for that locale, then everything seems normal.  No one notices or knows of any alternative.


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