The External Audience

There is a subtle situation that affects all efforts in This: that is, two people are not the same as one.  A person cannot ordinarily act before even an audience of one, as he can alone.



The recognition of this mortal situation is part of the historic basis of men abandoning human companionship, while involved in a non-life aim. 



You can observe the reality of the situation within yourself.  It is there, in continual operation, to be seen by the keen of eye.  You may find yourself, for whatever reason, in a particular internal condition.  This condition can be drastically altered, if not lost, when suddenly you are no longer alone, but in the company of someone quite close and dear to you.  The condition becomes affected by the presence of another, the appearance of an external audience.




This is not a suggestion that any of you attempt to become a hermit, for the sake of an assumed aim, or that you should sever any particular social relationship. Just become mentally aware of a certain situation so that new understanding may arise.



Begin noting particular conditions that seem to arise in you, when you are alone for some period of time.  Then take note that the mere appearance of another, even your wife, husband, lover or close friend, immediately seems to put the condition to flight.


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