Coming Apart at the Seams

Surveying the literature and realm of the childish mind, one young lad one day paused to ponder:
“Are all our dreams of superheroes but reflections of the future potential of everyday man himself?”
And after a bit more rumination, returned with, “And is this also the basis of history making past everyday men larger-than-life, heroic figures?” He then turned himself to pursuing this whole subject as regards how, more specifically, his own thinking dreamed of him.




Exercise Tip:

As when any particular physical exercise begins to hurt,
you alter the way you’re doing it, so too,
when your mental activity is not bothering you,
alter it to do so.



Just released statistics reveal that:

     “Well over 90% of all mystics who persevere in their efforts past middle age, do so on their yet held belief that something most spooky and mysterious still lies ahead.” And a man, upon hearing this, pondered it for a moment, then said, “I was tempted to comment that if this be correct then it would account for certain temporal anomalies visible in the lives of those who pressed on with motivation other than the one noted…but, I guess, to what end?




             Fashion Tip:
If indeed you are “coming apart”
it will be “at the seams.”




               This is not merely a warning for the routinely “fashion conscious” or your everyday seamstress, but rather potentially useful information for those engaged in (shall we say) other kinds of construction activities, in that it points specifically where to look when things appear intent on decomposing and disintegrating.


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