Suicide Pact

The Secret is discovered
not through talking and debate,
nor is it found through devotion or faith.
So what the hell gives anyway?




 At routine level—the greater the thought—the smaller the mind.
(Normal-running machinery tends to shrink the factory size.)




The idea of mental time-and-space-travel is moot in a land ruled solely be the twin regents of “Instinct and The Mind.”  It does no good to yell, “Let me out of here!” while not knowing the confining nature of “me” to begin with.




Educational Update:

“Those who can’t, teach,” but furthermore, those who can,
but are sometimes too lazy to, are some of the ones who’ll say:
“Those who can’t, teach.”


One man made a suicide pact with himself (to wit):

That every time he’d say something that other people had unquestionably said before,
he’d give himself at least a small, potentially fatal blow.
(You might care to know that his mind refused to participate in this scheme at all.)



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