A Rhino-with-a-Wristwatch

The mind is want to call instinct
by any name,
save its own.




Minds enjoy reflecting on history
in that it relieves them from instant action.
Why else do men read and watch sports events?




Any physical artisan will say that a laborer is no better than his tools,
yet where be the mental ones who likewise understand?




Have you ever thought about the fact that even if animals had watches, they still couldn’t tell time?  And did you further ponder why?




So what could be more ridiculous than a rhino-with-a-wristwatch? …Other than a mind with a plan (a plan that can only be acted on at some future date)?




Then there was this other wolf who found he couldn’t wrest physical control of the total pack, so he began howling in metaphor to some of them, and soon developed his own small following, nonetheless.


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