This and That

Rather than blindly allowing your mental life to be the direct result of your temporary feelings, Remember that you can immediately exercise mental independence and do it. 


You must want to do it,
you must hunger to do it,
you must Remember to do it,
and you can do it.




Man is so accustomed to being totally identified, in his mind, and so addicted to habitual suffering that he has forgotten, overlooked and become ignorant of the immediate possibility of mental independence.




A continuing attempt to be mentally independent of yourself and your states, will immediately interfere with negative imagination and suffering.




It is never as simple a matter as struggling with just one part of the machine.  First it’s this, and then it’s that.  First you look here, then you peer there.  The foe’s on the right, then on your left. 




Boredom’s rampant enough as it is…the ordinary mind is a most captious adversary, but an independent mind is a friend indeed.



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