The Independent Mind: Post Holiday Edition

Everyone is, in a particular way, tied directly to their feelings.  To a great degree little can be immediately done to affect this situation, but the mind in a very particular way can function independently.  It is possible to exercise a degree of independence in the mind that is not possible in feelings. 



There is a mental state that transcends your ordinary mind: the mind can live and function on a level far above and removed from your ordinary mental ramblings.



An immediate way to use this knowledge is to attempt to find the place in your own mind where you can be aware, independent from your passing feelings. 



Under optimum, theoretical conditions, a person could be raised with such an independent mind; largely freed from unprofitable entanglements with the emotions. 



Life has raised men under forces that unavoidably cause a mal-connection between his feelings and his mind, and it appears to be the acceptable norm.  Everyone suffers from this arrangement and thus no one questions the situation.


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