The Non-Ordinary Mind: Holiday Edition

Although the ordinary mind can be properly labeled our immediate enemy; also remember that he who made the lock must also make the key. 



The mind can function in a manner not ordinarily used, and under present circumstances, is the initial doorway of practicality.  Many systems have given names to operations possible within the mind that are normally unknown—names are of little importance, other than to direct the attention in a certain direction.



There is another possible level of operations for the mind, one that does not occur mechanically.  Other than the true hunger of emotional essence, it was from this higher mental level that you were first driven to find a system.



This mental level can be used to quite specific and practical ends.  It can be touched at times, through inter-group conversations, when two serious people attempt to conversationally, and mentally, consider some question while struggling against the ordinary operations of their mechanical mentation.



Consider this matter quite simply.  Remember that not only can the ordinary mind lead you into impertinent feelings, but also that the reverse is a continuing possibility.


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