Try It This Way

Try it this way:

What if there is no one mystical way, for the simple reason that there is no mystical way,
only people on the mystical way.

 Or, as Mr. Science said upon hearing this, “Boy, now I’m really confused!”




One method that can be employed is a continual “thinking about thinking,” but it must be continual: whenever you are thinking you must also, at that very same instant, be “thinking about thinking.”




 A certain mystic once said, “No man has ever awakened in a crowd.  I leave it to you, whether I mean this literally or not.”




So was recently struck one man, “If my mind had hands and feet, it wouldn’t be just a mind.”
And his mind piped in, “What d’ya mean ‘just’?”




The simple love to sing their own praises;
the sophisticated love to hear theirs sung by others.

Who sings for and about the mystics?
None, thank god, none, by god.


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