Said one man, “The insightfully creative always do their work anonymously, which is why I am not the author of my words.”




The man said, “Don’t let the intellectuals confuse you.”
And someone asked, “Which ones?”
And the man replied, “Oh, I don’t mean any ‘out there’—I mean those within you.”



It might even be suggested that the enlightened state is one in which life drives man’s mind as directly and effortlessly as it normally does his body.  

It could also be plausible to describe the liberated condition as being one wherein a man loses part of himself—not his nature, but his mind.

Or, looked at from another view:
You could say that the trick is to have one state of mind; one consistent, undisturbed, indifferent state of mind.
(The key to said state being in the word, “one.”)




Mused one guy:

“What need have I for a TV, when I have the ceaseless chatter in my own head?
(Too bad I can’t put a .38 slug in it like I did my old TV!)”


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