Interplanetary Warning!

If the active pursuit of a mystical system does not lead to its explosion, then the system leads nowhere.




In one planet’s legend, the greatest knight of them all was Sir Forgot-A-Lot,
while in most, of course, it was good King Always-Remembering.
(You untangle it!)




A father said to his son, “Let me, in conclusion, say this to you: there is a place within a man’s system where such as This cannot be said.”




                         Interplanetary Warning:

                         Never trust a machine with one eye.




One man says, “Probably the absolutely hardest thing in the universe to do is to describe what this kinda effort is all about.” 
And second man says, “You mean to others?” 
And first man says, “Hell, to yourself!”




On one world, life subconsciously tells everyone the moment they’re born that, “Okay, I expect you to be good and brain-dead by twenty—you hear?”



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