The Political Landscape

The Political Landscape: An Aerial View:

Were it not for the “warring factions,”
there would be no conceivable whole
which would be made up of the factions
were they to cease hostilities.

And as obvious and simple as this may be,
it is even more so when applied
to the normal state of man’s mind.



And a fan writes: “Did I miss something regarding your comment, ‘as obvious and simple as this may be’? Please tell me I did!”



A Report on Reticence:

The silence that speaks so forcefully to the alert is both external and public,
internal and personal.



“Good intentions” should not be knocked: in man’s unique world, that’s all that’s possible, e.g., a beer company advertises that they support “reasonable consumption of their product,” but if that were truly one of their concerns they would limit the number of bottles that could be sold to any one individual within a given period of time — would they not? But they don’t — they can’t — good intentions are all that is possible.

Man’s world — Gotta Love It!


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