Be Prepared to Travel!

You are not as weak and helpless as the regular inhabitants of Babel.  It is true that you cannot seem to facilitate any long period of excursion from this fitful city, but you are no longer within the ranks of its regular, fulltime inhabitants, and you must recognize the responsibility that comes with this.



Sleep is no longer your natural state and you must consider this at every moment of every hour of every day of every circumstance and move forward accordingly.  You are still a fool, but you are not an ordinary fool, and you must resist the mind’s constant habit of telling you otherwise as its excuse for keeping you emersed in feelings of helplessness.



You now have the ability to move from the state of sleep into the condition of change and strength.  You have the ability, but do you continue to have the need, the hunger, the Aim?  When will you begin to see that you can now move whenever you Remember.



The more you Remember, the greater grows your need for additional movement.  The greater becomes the hunger, and the greater becomes the effort. 



Your condition, your condition…see it now, and you will for that moment and the next and the next and the next, be stretching yourself from the dream slums of Babel.  Be prepared to travel!


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