Leaving Babel Redux

Dream all you want, but in Babel you are and in Babel you will remain if you await instant salvation and immediate transportation to the state of Awake.  It will never arrive without your own continual commitment, remembrance, and effort.



You must see to your own condition.  This can always be done under all circumstances, and for now this alone gives you the experience of what real, unencumbered travel would be like, and offers the sure knowledge that such effort is real and offers escape from one’s homeland-of-madness.



Condition is very impermanent.  External forces lay heavy on your condition and personality stands always ready to accept external forces and impressions and translate them in its own devilish way.  You find now that whatever the true state of being Awake may be, that you are not capable of instantly producing it.  ut if you leave it at that, you bring on peculiar burdens and waste everything that is possible. 



What is possible is to constantly inspect, be aware of and observe, struggle with your ever-present condition.  You must be able to see-to-now.  If you can do this you can see-to-tomorrow and even yesterday.  All of your small-time, ever-passing “problems” still exist only because you are not forcing yourself to meet each moment head-on as it arises.



You find every little instance to be a bewildering source of confusion, and you keep hoping for instant Awakening and a solution from me, or someone.  Things could be improved, but for now you must find your own unrecognized ability to affect your own condition.



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