Leaving Babel

Your current condition, to which I refer, is not permanent, in that at times, you may have struggled against imaginary hostility, for instance, and found yourself internally in a new place.  It was a new experience; free from a feeling of ordinary time, without the weight of identification, a breath of freedom from illusionary suffering and concern.


In itself that was enough to personally convince you of the propriety of your involvement in the struggle.  And yet a short time later you discovered yourself right back in the bustle and madness of Babel; back at home again in spite of the wonders of your excursion from home. Your leg was stretched by the new, unnatural knowledge and by your own effort; you made steps beyond the limits of Babel-city, but your foot, secured to old personality’s floor, eventually yanked you back to your old state. This is simply the nature of this forced march from here to there. 


It is the journey that all before you have taken.  They were yanked, freed, then pulled back time and time again, but the continued effort stretched the leg-of-personality finally to the breaking point, and off they went. You must not become submerged in dreams of the ultimate or even your present “state.”  Rather, it is your continuing “condition” that must be of concern. 


As long as you are Remembering yourself and your Aim, and as long as you are using the many methods I have described to constantly struggle against ordinary existence, then you are not simply in the ordinary state of Babel-sleep. This is all that is important; this is all any man or woman can deal with, the internal Now.  Only a fool, only the ordinariest-of-the-ordinary sits in Babel and dreams of our Destination.  That is useless and tormenting; it is deluding and self-defeating. 


Ask yourself the secret, silent question, “What am I doing this very moment, and this moment and this moment about my own condition? 

Are you involved again in the same old dreams that have filled your head since you were a child? 
Are you continuing to dream about fantastic future plots which self-study would show are of no real interest to your soul? 
Are you mentally rehashing yesterday’s and yesteryear’s arguments with family and friends? 
Are you again engaged in human suffering over what some neighboring fool in Babel said about you? 
Are your apparent emotions being brought to boil again by these sorry, unchecked nightmares of the mind? 

If so, the homeliness and habit of Babel has you entrapped and you are asleep, you are ordinary and you are doomed and re-doomed fool.  You are a true native of Babel.


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