The Cities of Babel and Awake

Abandon all intellectual thinking about what being awake may or may not be.  This can lead to very dangerous dreams and entice you from your proper path.



Once you have sufficiently had times of objective escape from the confines of sleep, then you will understand for yourself such is unnecessary.  Until then, turn your consideration to what you do know and what you have experienced, beyond the limits of ordinary thought and life. 

Tell me your present
and I will reveal your future.



Your present is your condition and it’s relation to the states I have mentioned could be pictured thusly.  Picture the extreme states of sleep and awakening as two cities on opposite sides of the globe.  The state of ordinary sleep we shall name as the City of Babel and the opposite city of Awake as our destination.



Now further picture that your own effort is to leave Babel, wherein all are born and raised, and travel to our destination, which the Few believe is man’s proper homeland. Although many speak of such a trip, and many even imagine they are one such a journey, very, very few ever take even one step outside the city limits of sleeping-Babel.



For those who do, and even the weakest among you have taken a few steps, picture that even as they hesitatingly move away from town a bit, their left foot stays nailed to the floor back in Babel.  Their leg stretches to accommodate this peculiarity, so even if they move a bit away from Babel, the ordinary state-of-sleep part of them remains still affixed back where they began.  Can you picture this?




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