The Something Else

That which I point you to is a something else.  It is a continuing present-sense-struggle to willfully abandon all things that rest on the past, and see that such ordinarily control your sense of now and paint all pictures of tomorrow.



That to which I attempt to draw your consideration is something else indeed.  It is linked not with any ideas, notions or routine remembrances of the past, and the resulting mechanical manifestations that seem to be your now.



What I speak of has no historical lineage, no ancient background.  It is rootless, unconceived and totally unknown.  It comes not from the mechanical necessities of past pressures or pleasures.  It has no ordinary authority arising from those things revered and called “holy.”  It does not fit into any acceptable religious plan, or theoretical scheme of progress.  No matter what it may be called, it is not the past, nor the progeny of the past.



If this can be seen, all ordinary fears and useless concerns over the present activities of man and his possible future, as a whole, will disappear in the deep, playful bowels of understanding.  But this is still the level below that of which I speak.



I speak of the mechanical, non-material, unpredictable and holy-disorderly.  I speak of the secret spark of the Work, the Creative Force of man’s higher responsibility and ultimate potential.  I speak of the struggle for man’s psychological evolution, his Awakening.


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