Those who play Life’s game in the role of carriers-of-Destruction, are made to believe that man’s existence has no purpose, no aim, and for the sake of their contribution to the game, what they see as true for them, is true for them.  The church’s Satan serves the cause as well as does their Jehovah.



Those who See, see that all calamities turn to renewed survival and all destructions lead to expanded reconstruction.  It is all part of an orderly, ordained process of biological expansion, although it moves on such a large, slow moving and almost imperceptible scale as to be unseen by the minds of ordinary men playing their ordinary roles.



This larger scale of inescapable, mechanical evolution is a necessary consideration for the inquiries of the Serious.  But it is on the smaller, quicker, personal level that your active efforts are required for your own re-birth from our attempted self-destruction.



The elusive other third of the Forces-map, the Creative/Future, is not so simply approached by the mind, as are notions of the past and present.  It has nothing to do with the ordinary tomorrow-dreams of the sleeping.



As I have noted to you, ordinary men live out their days here engaged in furious, unsatisfying dreams of yesterday and nightmares of tomorrow…(or vice versa as the shoe fits).


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