Papering the Neural Floor

In reconsidering the “ole sorehead with the card,” I am inclined to contribute to the sea of info for secondary swimmers by offering this expansion:

Life is like an “effect” without a cause.



 It is easier to feel confident in your predictions if they’re made while extremely pissed.



And yet another guy writes to say we haven’t heard the last of him. (Which further erodes my already shaky support of man’s belief that truth should “will out.”)



This guy I know from another world spent part of his last visit here checking out man’s literature, and became particularly interested in three dimensional, mortal concepts of life and death, and when he left he gave me his own little “poetic version” which reads,

Death is an immense journey,
and life but a short stop
at a wayside inn.

(You don’t hear much insight and sentiment like that since everyone died.)


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