Early Education

In the City, all family squabbles can only get worse.  
And hesitatingly acknowledge a “P.S.”: 
First P.S.:  “I guess you realize what this suggests?” 
Second P.S.:  “Yeah, either stay out of the City or out of families…” 
(Perhaps I sometimes do not hesitate enough.)





One version of the First And Final Chapters of Secondary History: 
What goes in must come out, except for the fact that what goes in was already out.




(To subversive minds that really “want to know”);

Contra-Knowledge (note I said “contra-knowledge,” not ignorance),
real contra-knowledge is always attractive…
(or at least, amusing).





A certain would-be thinker at the City college described his present intellectual state as, “Dead without conviction.”





As believed by certain ancient, yet old, people, three is a magical number; point of fact:  Note how mysteriously though nicely this sentence itself regarding that wondrous number fits into three words.




                    Everyone had an early education they’ve forgotten about.


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