I hear of this one little progressive City in Anthrovia’s Galaxy whereon they have made the “Torture of Talent” at least a misdemeanor.





Things spoken critically of can’t be changed.

Things described as broke can’t be fixed.




The enjoyment of having a secret cannot be fully savored if yours can actually be discovered by another.




The civilized do not actually fear even the most barbarous of opposing philosophies, but rather those murderers among us who have no philosophy.

(The hordes of yore and the armies of today have no common battle ground, and hence all terror seems compounded.)




And yet another “ole sorehead” (but I must be totally forthcoming with you and note that he handed me a card that read, “I Am Not A Sorehead.” but nonetheless he said), “Life is an illness without a cause.”




  The immortals never think to talk about it.



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