Don’t Think in Nouns

Addled and Updated:

When consciousness fell to the level of the mind, it cried out:  “Help – I’ve started talking and I can’t shut up!”

One guy told another guy:

“The great thing about life is that you can learn so much from it.”
And the other guy replied:  “Yeah, and so little also.”
And the first guy said:  “Yeah-h-h…you’re right!”
Then they both said:  “Yeah-h-h – we are right!

(And they went on and on and on…)

Update on the News:

If the news wasn’t bad, it wouldn’t be the news…now would it!?
(They always stuck one guy way-y-y at the bottom of the page.)

Some Mental Help for the Consciously Hip:
Don’t think in proper nouns.

Life offered a deal to one guy: “Don’t misquote me and I won’t quote you correctly.


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