Train Trip with Crossword

If you do not understand the difference between thinking and consciousness, then the mind will always be hungry; the mind will also be your restaurant – it will be your breakfast, your waitress, your cook and cashier, and still – you will always be hungry.  (Dat’s de difference.)



How To Discipline Language, and at the Same Time, (Perhaps), Exert Some Control Over Action:
  (It’s done like this): 
Ask yourself sincerely, “Is that verb over there tense?”



A man with the moniker, Pithy J. Porthenbotherberry, changed it to Marquee, because it was too long to fit on a name.  (By the slightest of chances – do you slowly-y-y begin to “Git It”?)



If being alive with an intellect is like a train trip, then the mind is like a crossword puzzle to play with, on the way to a new station of consciousness.



A man declared, “My head is on Saturn, though my feet are on mother Earth.”

And an onlooker asked, “Are you a mystic?”

“Naw, I just have a long neck.”



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