A Facial While You Wait

Religion and Psychology:

The belief that the railroad tracks can be re-routed, or, in the alternative, that with their help your station can be moved someplace else.

Everyone who can think can easily trash life.
Is being able to think Life’s way of trashing you?

The title of his latest book was, “Pretension As A Way Of Life,” and the opening line of the first chapter read:  “If it weren’t for dreams, I’d have nothing to dream about.”

Additional Literary News from Another Planet:

One man refused to write down anything he’d already said, and in return, wouldn’t say anything that he’s already written down.  (“Wow, Mr. White – where do you think such a man would live?”  “Why I guess I don’t rightly know, Jimmy – but a darn good question!  You’ll make a fine reporter yet.”)

A Facial While You Wait:

A busy mind makes for squinty eyes.


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