Time is of No Help

Another Way Time Is Of No Help At All:

If habit don’t get you – death will – and by then it’s too late anyway!



No matter whether you believe it is easy or difficult – and no matter whether it is either easy or difficult – one thing’s the same:  the time to do it is now, yes, you lazy sow – now!  Ask yourself, “What can be easier for a pig than to slide in slop?”  So all you gotta do is act pig-like, and then coax life into assuming the other part.  “Slippin’ and a sliddin’ – habit’s started hidin’.”



Free Tire Pressure Check:

If you can’t be in-dependent at least don’t be de-pendent.
(Road Pressure check at slight additional charge.)



In a book he considered “Important,” one man underlined all of the “important” parts.  The book was eventually nothing but one big underline, and became the man’s mind.



How To Tell:

You are totally civilized when – a metaphor means more than that which it represents.



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