Here Come Da Mind

Another singularity of the mind is in its easy ability to confound certain of man’s most cherished truisms – (for instance):  The mind can run – and hide!  In fact, the more it runs – the more it hides.  (And a man near a hitching post, dreams that his dreamed-of consciousness says, “That’s not funny.  But hey, that’s how dreams go.”)



A viewer says:

“I think I’ve got it figured out – This Thing you’re up to is just talk – but, a kind of talk that intentionally doesn’t mean anything – nothing!”

(What do you think – might be more than just “a viewer”?)



Here Come Da Mind – Here Come Da Mind:

Whenever people don’t know what to “call” something –
they’ll call it something.

(Dar Go Da Mind – Dar Go Da mind.)



Life has arranged that most men take civilization “most seriously,” by telling them that everything will fall apart if they don’t.



There’s a difference in just, “being alive,”
and knowing that you’re alive.



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