Things We Think We Are

The “Old-Triple-Play” for Our Modern Day: Hormones to Neurons to Morality:

When the mind has argued a question,
And its reasoning has come to its end,
With no further logic to call on,
It’ll bring up the matter of sin.

Oldies but goodies, goodies but would-he’s?  Why yes, men will still always go for it. Had his health been better, and were he alive today, some say Mozart would be playing second base.  (Though there is some dissent to this speculation from certain segments of the brass section.)

The ordinary’s clamoring about “compassion” is in truth their unknowing description of non-verbal, uncritical consciousness.


Religion:  Civilization’s original nanny.

Psychology:  It’s newer one.

(P.S.:  A conscious man is his own.)

If Doctor Consciousness could speak above the din of the mental waiting room, he might be heard to say:  “What could be more painful to those who seek my services, than habit?”


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