Earthly Distinctions and Universal News

Mortal, Earthly Distinctions:

Knowledge comes from thinking,
thinking from words;
understanding comes from a consciousness
not dependent on thinking and words.

Yes, I know, any rational creature easily perceives the absurdity of the idea of an intellectual activity that is not verbal.  But, I can make it even worse by adding the proposition that all routine thinking is a form of criticism, and thus this non-verbal form of consciousness to which I refer, would operate beyond any realm of subjective comment, or trashing of life – and that, (to everyday minds), is even spookier!  Knowledge comes from thinking, which comes from words.  True understanding arises from a new consciousness not based on talk – but on independent experience.

Metaphors: Metaphors are only for children…and grownups.

Local, Universal News:

A point-blank man is a dead man…if he’s lucky.

The Mind, It’s Glory and Limitations, Fully Revealed In The Following Conversation Between One Mind and an Unidentified Voice:
The Voice asks the Mind:  “Would you like a drink?”
The mind:  “Yes, thank you.”
Voice:  “Would you like a hot or a cold drink?”
Mind:  “Oh, I don’t care, just as long as it’s hot or cold.”


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