Gossip and Daydreams (Holiday Edition)

People’s love of gossip and “bad news” can also be seen as a “teaching tool”; as a reflection of emotions attempting to learn from the missteps and tragedies of others.



Further Note from the Perspective of this Model:

“Daydreaming,” the totally uncontrolled flow of apparently random and meaningless thoughts through the mind – the very and exact thing against which the “Great Struggle to Awaken” is waged – is constant, common-to and enjoyed by all men.  But note specifically – men only “daydream” of matters and events about which they have feelings.  Thus, in truth: “daydreams” are not actually “random” or “meaningless.”  They come-to-mind, then connect to other dreams, via association with feelings.



What a man daydreams about pleases him emotionally,
either by making him angry, or causing him to feel joy.



Feelings reflected in consciousness as “thoughts” can also be seen as “aids to survival.”  Consider, for instance, that we hate to catch ourselves engaged in some small, stupid behavior like misplacing keys, because our awareness thereof can serve as a caution to us of much greater danger should we be so “inattentive,” so “asleep,” in situations of greater consequence.



Ordinary people certainly can be momentarily annoyed at small lapses of carelessness.  But, this also gives a new view of why the Few so despise what mystics are want to call “being asleep.”  From one angle you might conclude that the Few simply sense, to a more acute pitch, how inattention to the here and now provides small, instant examples of what can happen to them if they remain so distracted in more serious circumstances.


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