It’s So Easy…

Don’t You See – It’s Just as Easy as One, Two, Three:

1:  Without a mind, no creature can engage in self-condemnation.

2.  Engaged in self-condemnation, no creature can ever escape the mind.

3.  Well – three should be obvious as hell.




For punishment, when he got to heaven, God made this one guy tell his life story.



All creatures feel a positive response to that to which they submit; dogs, wolves, chimps, man, the spirit-of-man, the mind-of-mind.  A more conscious person recognizes only one dominant force – life itself, and thus has but one love interest.



Insider’s Practical Tip:

Critics are never creative.

(See, the useful aspect of this is that they’re never expected to be.)




Some neurons said to some hormones, “Well, it looks like it’s just the two of us – in this alone.”  And the hormones just shook their head and laughed.



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