Energy-Saving Tips

When a group of those with similar interests gather about a magnetic core, they tend to become a cult, with each member acting as an apologist for their leader.  So, too, is it with a man’s own mental personality.



The kids were talking and the first one said, “It sure is easy to laugh at other people.” 
And the second one replied, “Yeah, I guess that’s why god made other people.” 
And the first one said, “Yeah-h-h.”



Lots of people pretend “not to care” who, in truth, are simply too dumb to know how to care even if they wanted to. 
And the second kid said, “I guess this is why ‘caring’ means so little.” 
And the first one said, “Yeah-h-h.”



Another Time and Energy Saving Tip:

If you ride the bus, don’t sweat worrying about your reputation and image – everyone on here’s a two-bit whore.



Whenever this one man would become aware that his mind had just said something cynical or sarcastic about someone, for his own advantage, he’d immediately add one the line to himself:  “Right – you can ‘count’ on it!”



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