Life Don’t Jive

A certain parent told its kids:

“The more you shut up – the better you look.”



Some grey cells asked their pink and blue ones:

“Why don’t you take a lesson from certain humans?”



And Now for an Update on the NBA Draft:

“Although silence, without any doubt, offers unique, specific benefits to any intelligent man or woman, it is nonetheless true that if you shut up TOO soon…”  “What the hell you talkin’ about, you can’t shut up ‘too soon’!”  “Well, Commissioner Coligliani, for our third round choice, can we have the 7 foot 3 astro-chemist there in the corner.”  (“Si,” said the Commish.)



As Per Consciousness and Comprehension:

A man with heroes – is a dead man.



An official looking and sounding person suddenly appeared high atop city hall and sang out this declaration to all the people:   

“Life don’t jive,
And Life don’t play,

And for saying this,
I’m paid by the day.”


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