The Out-of-Work Priest

Some neurons told some hormones, “Hey, pick up after yourself!” 
And consciousness told the mind, “Hey, same for you!”



The Royal Priest quit, explaining to the King:
“We’ve finally talked ‘God’ into the ground, and it’s time to move on. Bye!”



A man walked into a village and asked the proprietor:

“Do you have rope?”

“Si,” he replied.

“Do you have lumber and nails?”

“Si,” he replied.

“Can you do basic carpentry work?”

“Si,” he replied.

“So,” asked the man, “Why don’t you build a scaffold and hang yourself?”

“Si,” said the man.



The now out-of-work priest later wrote a book entitled:

“The Very Reason That Traditional Stories are Ancient and Old, Is Just So You Won’t Try To Update Them, But Would You Listen!?”  (“Si,” said the man.)



A man who don’t rightly care exactly who he is, might actually be somebody!


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