Too Early in the Morning

So mused one fellow:  “One nice thing about being dead is that at least you don’t have to talk anymore.”



One mind wondered:  “Is there a danger in knowing so much about it that you never actually do it?  Is there a danger in being so alive that you’re actually dead?  I asked if you couldn’t speak a little faster!!”



One man discovered that just a change in his diet would make him more conscious…well…not really…but almost!  (Cause that’s how this kinda thing goes.)



A certain king instructed the prince:  “Never use the word, ‘can’t’!  Go ahead and shoot ‘em, or hang ‘em, or otherwise be done with it, but don’t be yammerin’ on about your capacity to do so!” (Cause that ain’t how this kinda thing goes!)



Too early in the morning, many men suffer from an overabundance of modifiers.
WARNING:  “Too-Early-In-The-Morning” can occur at any time.


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