The City of Man

One man thought, “At those times when I can seem to make myself more conscious, at least it’s neat having a mind I can have so much fun with.”  Our resident alertness analyst responds, “Although the gentleman’s comment is quite understandable, and almost charming, I personally do not agree with your decision to air such observations, in as much as I feel they can offer support to those making less than their full-time, absolute best-efforts.”  (You know, he could be correct – and indeed, we might even hope so.)



It’s tricky to speak “absolutely” about matters so downright not so.  Still, after all is said and conjectured about, it’s still kinda neat at least to have the kind of mind you can have a lot of fun with…don’t you think!?



Those with no control, oftimes, like to speak of the need to have control.



Many different sounds arise
from the intellectual City of Man.



The Physician of the Planet announced, “We are all sick.”
Then Life pointed out to him, “Invalid Diagnosis – you’re one of them.”



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